Ways on Improving Your Grammar and Vocabulary

Being skilled in the proper use of grammar and vocabulary is very important. This may bring out more confidence in you when dealing with other people either by writing or speaking. You can express yourself better and people will immediately notice your skill in writing and speaking. Making mistakes in the use of grammar is embarrassing and people may think you are uneducated. Here are ways on how you can improve your grammar and vocabulary skills.

Get your english grammar textbook or you can buy your own if you don't have one. If you think that you need to refresh your grammar skills, you can pick up a high school grammar textbook. Try to answer the exercises in the textbook and continually practice writing and reading. For advanced grammar and vocabulary, you can get a grammar textbook for adults.

Get a notebook and label it as your vocabulary notebook. When you encounter a new word that you do not understand, write it down on your vocabulary notebook. Include the definition of the new word, its usage, antonyms, synonyms and write it down in a sentence. You can encounter new words when you constantly read magazines, newspapers and books. You can also use your cellphone to store your vocabulary if you do not have your notebook with you.

Spend extra time in studying homonyms or words that sound the same but have different meanings. This is a common mistake among people wherein they use the wrong word in their sentence because it sounded the same with the correct word. An example of this is the word "compliment" and "complement" or the words "there" and "they're."

Try to go online and search for sites that can help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. You can try going to the online dictionary sites like Mirriam Webster. Most websites will ask for your email address for updates and newsletters.

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