What are the Parts of a Report

This article will discuss the different parts of a report. It is important to know what are the definitions and the purpose of each part so that you can produce an effective report.

The first part of the report is the Introduction. The introduction includes the aim or objective of your report, scope and background of the study.

Aim/Objective – this section will indicate the purpose of your report.

Scope – this section shows what the report will include and what it does not include.

Background of the study – this section contains the details of the background information needed to complete your report. It can also contain the outline history and the key players in the project.

The next part or the second major section of the report is the Data Collection Method. This section should contain how you obtain all your data which you will use as your basis for your analysis, conclusion and recommendation. All reports need data so you have to indicate the sources of your data.

Third part is Analysis of the Data. This section is contains, of course, the analysis of the data you collected. This is usually the longest part of the report because you can include visual graphs, charts and tables to explain and analyze your data.

The fourth part is Conclusion. The conclusion is drawn directly from the result of your analysis. It should contain points which will conclude every result from your analysis section.

Recommendation is the fifth part of your report. This should include your suggestions and recommendations based on your conclusion. Some reports may not need a recommendation.

The last part is the Reference section. This section should include the list of all the references with publication details you used in your report.

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