Writing a Descriptive Paragraph

A descriptive paragraph should make the reader see, hear, touch and feel what you are saying in your paragraph. This kind of paragraph is full of description and adjectives. You have to be good at describing every detail so that the reader can create a picture or image in their mind while they are reading your piece.

The sense of smell and taste should always go together to make an effective description. Combining these two would really describe to the reader how fragrant or how strong it smells and if it tastes good or bad.

You can transport your reader to your story if you are able to make them feel and hear what you are describing. You have to superimpose the sense of touch and hearing.

A descriptive paragraph should be full of similes and metaphors. This is an effective way of describing something to the reader.

Be creative with your adjectives. If possible, do not just use simple adjectives to describe something. Go the extra mile and describe clearly and accurately with your adjectives what you want your readers to see.

You can also give human characteristics to objects and things to clearly describe that object. We easily see and understand the description if we can associate it with human movements or emotions. This is also called personification.

You can make a description of an object or a scene as many times as you can. Just make sure that your grammar is still correct. Just give an adequate description which is long enough for the paragraph.

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