Writing Effective Paragraphs

First of all let us define what a paragraph is. A paragraph consists mainly of a topic sentence or a general idea that is one sentence and four to five supporting sentences that describe and support the main topic sentence. The length of a paragraph can vary accordingly.

Paragraphs are used so that you can separate main ideas. When a new paragraph is introduced, it means that a new topic or idea is being introduced.

Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can write an effective paragraph.

The first and foremost is to come up with a topic sentence or a general idea for the whole paragraph.

Your supporting sentence must be able to fully support your main idea so you have to do your research. Make sure that those facts and your supporting sentences can really support and describe your topic sentence.

Write down your topic sentence. Remember that the first sentence should always summarize the paragraph by introducing the main idea.

Then write the supporting sentences after the topic sentence. The topic sentence should be developed, described and supported by facts and details. You can make your paragraph longer as long all the supporting sentences stick with the general topic.

Write down your concluding sentence for the paragraph. You can restate the main idea but do not copy the exact topic sentence.

The only thing to do now is to edit your paragraph. You can double check the spelling and the grammar by browsing it or reading it aloud.

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